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From Dawn Till Dusk

Inspiration from sunrises and sunsets

Sunset along the Westernport Highway

This is the sort of inspiring vista that has helped me to refocus my energies in the past few days. Perhaps it is also because we seemed to have turned a corner in the season. The cold and wet of winter has eased slightly, with the sun being given an opportunity to shine.

Partly cloudy, brisk mornings lend themselves to some beautiful panoramas. Low lying fog still slinks around, rolling over the lake until it is melted away by the sun as it eases above the horizon and peeks through the morning clouds.

Sunsets are works of art at the best of times, the immense summer sun disappearing below the horizon is my favorite, followed closely by the sun setting through broken cloud. As spring approaches the heavy overcast grey clouds of winter are breaking up treating me to that broken cloud sunset I so enjoy (bring on the summer sun).


Clarity of Thought

Last night was one of the most fatiguing nights I’ve had in a long time. This follows what seems to be a long period of perpetual fatigue. The problem with being tired all the time is you become grumpy, lazy, lose focus and as was happening to me, begin to question what you are doing with your life. You see, I’d started to think that it was time for a change in where my work life was going. What was really annoying me was the inability to find inspiration in a possible new direction.

On my way home to our new house I have to drive past a couple of small lakes surrounded by parks and wetlands. The area is really quite pretty, but today was different. At this time of year (winter in Melbourne) I’m coming home from my night shifts around sunrise. This morning I saw a sunrise that turned a light on in the universe for me. It wasn’t any more or less beautiful than many sunrises I have seen, but it obviously triggered a response in my brain at a time it was ready for some inspiration. I guess you could say the vista was inspirational for me.

I went home and had one of the best sleeps I’ve had in a long time. I woke up refreshed with a new zest for life and a realization that I already do the things I love (probably explaining why I struggled to find an alternative for so long). The evening brought a totally rocking sunset which just knocked my socks off. The universe really was on fire for me today (pardon the pun).

Anyway, I now have a new lease on life and a clarity of thought I haven’t enjoyed in a long time. At every opportunity I intend to stop by the lake even for one minute on my way home to enjoy the view, it is both calming and inspiring. I’ll take some photos of the vista and post them up to share with everyone.

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