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The Fear Of Being Judged

In our thoughts we are judged only by ourselves. By speaking our mind we are open to being judged by others.

This is nothing new. Many ideas go unrealized because of our fear of others opinions.

I had a dream once that people were interested in my thoughts and they did not judge them. Or, at least, did not judge them negatively. This I can share with you, as I think everyone has had this dream. It is not self indulgence, just a desire to seem interesting.

A thousand ideas run through my head, many are but fleeting thoughts that are gone as fast as they appeared. Some linger, plant a seed that grows, if they appear desirable they are nurtured and become rooted in my conscious. Perhaps it is time to share them with others, but which ones?

I am tired now, so I must sleep. But sometime soon I will write more about the things I see, hear, taste, feel and maybe, just maybe, what I think about.


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