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Fish Biscuits

Yes, you heard me Fish Biscuits!


How about a big plate of fish biscuits!

We all have a need for profanities, anyone who doesn’t swear is about five seconds away from a catastrophic stroke (it’s called externalizing). The problem with profanities is that of social acceptability when used in public or around small children. So what’s the solution I hear you ask? Simple, it’s fish biscuits. Everyone loves fish, either for eating or watching and who doesn’t love biscuits. Consequently, if you start yelling out fish biscuits every now and then no one is going to complain. People may look at you like you’ve gone stark raving mad, but it’s better than the look of disapproval when you drop the other f bomb or heaven forbid the c word. Who knows, you may even get a laugh out of it, even from the person you’ve just referred to as a fish biscuit.

To help you get started here are a few lines you could try:

1. Fish Biscuit! (works well when sustaining a self inflicted injury)
2. You are a god damn fish biscuit!
3. Son of a fish biscuit.
4. You can go get fish biscuit.
5. I don’t give a fish biscuit.

So, there you are, a simple solution to a first world problem.


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