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How To Enjoy An Evening

A very simple set of instructions on how to get your evening off to a good start.

Sit down somewhere nice.

Me sitting somewhere nice

Get some family together.

My brother and soon to be sister-in-law

Enjoy some nice food and a drink.

Important for food and drink to enjoy the view to

Watch the sun go down.





It’s not that hard people, now off you go, try it for yourself.


Perryman’s Bakery and Leather Satchels

How a leather satchel led me on a journey to a bakery and my childhood.

My leather satchel (the inscription is another story).

My old address inside the satchel

After the recent move I found the satchel given to me when I started primary school. It’s almost impossible to find bags made like this one any more. It’s over thirty years old and still looks in mint condition. Perhaps it’s also because I became ‘too cool’ for a leather satchel for a long time. Anyway, I opened up the satchel to find my old (really old) address written in the bag. Oh, how it took me back to Margaret Street, North Adelaide Primary School and Perryman’s Bakery.

Margaret Street North Adelaide

When I went to primary school you could put orders in each morning at Perryman’s Bakery (which was a couple of doors down from the school). The lunch monitor would take the orders down to the bakery and then pick up the food just before lunch. Their pies and pasties are smaller than standard Aussie versions, but were perfect for the average primary school kid. There was even a selection of buns and pastries you could get (I still grin thinking about the cream bun). On a visit last year I was saddened to find out students can no longer order from the bakery as it was deemed ‘unhealthy’ (unlike the rubbish many kids bring to school in their lunch boxes these days). I can easily think of far worse things the kids could eat besides freshly made pies and pasties from a quality bakery.

Perryman's Bakery - Corner of Margaret and Tynte Streets North Adelaide

Perryman's pies, pasty and kitchener bun

For a long time I didn’t return to Perryman’s after first moving from the suburb and then the state. Now, I try get there at least once each time I visit. My family has been introduced to the bakery (with great appreciation I might say) and I plan to continue the visits. Today’s lunch visit and walk around the Tynte Street area reawakened me to the beauty of the North Adelaide area and how lucky I was to be able to go to child care, kindergarten and primary school all in the same street. No, I wasn’t sheltered, just really privelaged. All of the institutions (for want of a better word) that I attended in that street left me with nothing but the fondest of memories and what I feel was an excellent start to my education.

Barker Kindergarten - Tynte Street North Adelaide

Barker Kindergarten

North Adelaide Primary School

My brother and I were lucky enough to have our own cricket pitch directly out the front of our townhouse (which ironically are not as historic as the rest of the surrounding area). It was quiet, safe and most importantly fun, although the tree someone has planted in the middle of the pitch (shown in the picture) would not have been tolerated back when we were using it. We got to play front yard cricket, not the standard backyard version, the lamp post was an auto fielder (if you hit it on the full you were out). Our new house has a grassed area directly out the front which hopefully the kids will be able to use as their own personal sports arena when they are old enough.

82 Margaret Street North Adelaide

The cricket pitch, with more recently added obstacle

One of things about Tynte Street is that it is an old Adelaide street, with many of the buildings being over one hundred years old. You don’t appreciate this when you are ten, but when you are thirty seven you see things differently, with age comes beauty. North Adelaide Primary School is one hundred and forty one years old now, I only wish my kids had the opportunity to be exposed to that sort of history. A walk down to the end of Tynte Street and you get to Lefevre Terrace where you can see how ‘old money’ works and fantastic examples of why North Adelaide is so expensive today.

Lefevre Terrace (old money)

Sometimes I think I could easily return to all this on a permenant basis. One of my concerns is that with familiarity brings comtempt (or at least indifference) and that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Perhaps it is best left for the occassional visit.

From Dawn Till Dusk

Inspiration from sunrises and sunsets

Sunset along the Westernport Highway

This is the sort of inspiring vista that has helped me to refocus my energies in the past few days. Perhaps it is also because we seemed to have turned a corner in the season. The cold and wet of winter has eased slightly, with the sun being given an opportunity to shine.

Partly cloudy, brisk mornings lend themselves to some beautiful panoramas. Low lying fog still slinks around, rolling over the lake until it is melted away by the sun as it eases above the horizon and peeks through the morning clouds.

Sunsets are works of art at the best of times, the immense summer sun disappearing below the horizon is my favorite, followed closely by the sun setting through broken cloud. As spring approaches the heavy overcast grey clouds of winter are breaking up treating me to that broken cloud sunset I so enjoy (bring on the summer sun).

Clarity of Thought

Last night was one of the most fatiguing nights I’ve had in a long time. This follows what seems to be a long period of perpetual fatigue. The problem with being tired all the time is you become grumpy, lazy, lose focus and as was happening to me, begin to question what you are doing with your life. You see, I’d started to think that it was time for a change in where my work life was going. What was really annoying me was the inability to find inspiration in a possible new direction.

On my way home to our new house I have to drive past a couple of small lakes surrounded by parks and wetlands. The area is really quite pretty, but today was different. At this time of year (winter in Melbourne) I’m coming home from my night shifts around sunrise. This morning I saw a sunrise that turned a light on in the universe for me. It wasn’t any more or less beautiful than many sunrises I have seen, but it obviously triggered a response in my brain at a time it was ready for some inspiration. I guess you could say the vista was inspirational for me.

I went home and had one of the best sleeps I’ve had in a long time. I woke up refreshed with a new zest for life and a realization that I already do the things I love (probably explaining why I struggled to find an alternative for so long). The evening brought a totally rocking sunset which just knocked my socks off. The universe really was on fire for me today (pardon the pun).

Anyway, I now have a new lease on life and a clarity of thought I haven’t enjoyed in a long time. At every opportunity I intend to stop by the lake even for one minute on my way home to enjoy the view, it is both calming and inspiring. I’ll take some photos of the vista and post them up to share with everyone.

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